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Ryan Axtell

Songwriter | Worship Leader | Creative

Singer/songwriter and producer Ryan Axtell first fell in love with music through artists like Steely Dan and Jackson Browne. As a teenager, he began playing guitar and singing in local bands in Southern California before finding his voice and passion as a worship leader in his home church. He then cut his teeth recording and producing music with his college roommates in their basement studio in Seattle, Washington. Since then, Ryan has pursued his desire to create art that is deeply personal and invites listeners into the story of the Gospel. In addition to releasing solo music, Ryan fronts the indie rock duo Bertona, and indie worship band Common Courier.

Ryan, his wife Danielle, and 4 kids recently moved to Texas where he serves as the Worship Pastor at LifePoint Church in Plano. He continues to lead worship and share his music nationally at various gatherings and conferences. He still really likes Steely Dan.

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